I host different music shows on ckut 90.3 fm, the sickest campus-community radio station out there. These are some of the shows I’ve had the pleasure to host.

A 2 hour deep dive into Warp’s catalogue. Get ready for a lot of bleep blop bloop!

Freezing My Ears Off. A soundtrack for the snow.

First show of 2024! A look back on my favourite tracks of 2023.

Ears, ears, ears! Marina Herlop, LFO, Roger Doyle, Water From Your Eyes, and more.

Sasha Cay joins me live from the studio to talk about her new album Spin, all things music, mtl deep cuts and more.

The music behind the brushwork… Step into the sonic realm that served as the soundtrack to the making of Slowdance.

A huge stack of local electronic music coming out of Munch-real.

The inaugural broadcast of my new show: Demolicious. 2 hours dedicated entirely to demos.

Cool tunes coming out of Montreal: Ramzi, Carunckel, Ex-Terrestrial, Backxwash, No Joy, CFCF…

Ears, ears, ears! Theo Parrish, K.C. Accidental, Suicide, Lemon Jelly and more.

A 2-hour deep dive venturing into the loud, anti-establishment corners of Soviet post-punk.

The night of the huge power outage storm storm aka my first time hosting William Shatner’s Whiskey Tears: 80s synths, dream pop, and alternative rock.

My first time on the radio! Wahoo!