Dream Sequence

Several years ago, I started longing for someone who lived in another city. After we parted ways, I often imagined what we’d be doing if they were here with me. Over time, these daydreams became more frequent and vivid, so I began painting them. As time passed, other meaningful people came and went in my life, and I found myself again experiencing the familiar sensation of yearning for someone who was no longer there. These daydreams felt like thresholds between the real and the imaginary — hazy combinations of memory and fantasy. Here are some of those dreams.

Bittersweet. Charcoal pencil on paper. 25.5 x 21 cm. 2021.

Reverie. Acrylic paint ands pray paint on paper. 49 x 34 cm. 2023.

Phantom. Acrylic paint on paper. 2023.

Shown at the Servile Salon Vol. 3 In Walks Night (2023)